Saturday, 19 July 2014

IT'S A PUPPET!! Sorry, I mean IT'S A BATCH!

This is a debate that raises its head on a regular basis, especially in our office.  Half of the office think it is a roll, so what do you expect to get if you ask for a sausage roll?  A sausage in a bread product, or a sausage encased in pastry?  If you google sausage roll, you get images of a sausage in pastry.

To me, a teacake is a sweet fruity confectionery, a hot cross bun without the cross if you will.

A cob is something you sweat (sweating cobs) or get on if you are in a temper (getting a cob on), it is also a horse.

A barmcake is something you call a dafty.

Bara is a word I associate with a rich fruitcake.

You keep your baps in your bra.

Breadcake, I have no idea about.

A softy is what you call a daft lad.

Barm?  See barmcake.

A muffin is a heavier, doughier batch.  Or a type of cupcake.  Or what hangs over too small jeans.

A bun is a sort of cake, or what you put your hair in.

Morning Roll?  Not even going to go there.

A stotty is something northern.

Batch - there we go, the correct name for the item.

Oven Bottom, this is where some of the heavier bread items are baked.

Roll, some thing a sausage is served in.

Scuffles, something caused by calling a batch by the wrong name.

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