Friday, 11 July 2014

My first Glycolic Peel, the final post.

This is my final update on my Glycolic Peel.

Day 6 - I am now on 4 x 500mg flucloxacillin tablets a day now, for the next 5 days at least.  My GP tells me that my hair follicles are infected.  Lovely.  I am not infectious, so no need for time off work.

Day 8 - The blisters (they are not spots according to the GP) I have are drying up and going hard for some reason, I am still getting more spots and they are still spreading, but the new spots are smaller and the spreading is slower.

The antibiotics have given me raging diarrhoea, I have had to cancel my plans to go to the Godiva Festival this weekend.

I feel drained and could quite happily go back to bed (it is currently mid afternoon).

Day 14 - My stomach has finally settled down, shame I can't say the same for my face.  I still have scars from the infection and also some lingering blisters.  I still feel drained as well, probably due to the dehydration from the diarrhoea.

I have two dark brown spots on my chin which look like moles but which were not there before.

The enlarged pores that I had before are still in evidence, they have now appeared in areas of my face that were not affected before.

I still have problems with blackheads and blocked pores, both in the areas that were problems before the peel and in new areas since the peel.

The fine lines and wrinkles are still there, and have multiplied.  My face swelled up and now it has gone back down, my skin has the crepey appearance of a withered balloon.

Despite no skin peeling off my face, the acid seems to have removed my tan making me look very pale.

In conclusion, it was a very bad idea.  I will not be having another one and from now on will stick to face masks and scrubs!

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