Thursday, 24 July 2014

Why I am sacrificing my front garden for a parking place.

Ok, so I am going to have my garden for the next couple of years at least as I am going to have to save to have it paved over and the kerb dropped.

But this is one of the reasons why I am doing it.

It wouldn't be so bad it being parked there if the owner wasn't living in it.

It wouldn't be so bad him living in it if he wasn't here weeks at a time.

It wouldn't be so bad him being here if he didn't have to run the engine for half an hour at a time in the early hours of the morning, you cannot sleep with the window open due to the noise.

I would have thought it illegal to live in a motorised caravan on a residential street, but the Council are unable to tell me whether it is.  The Police drive past regularly without a care.

Another reason is this.

The next door neighbour, who the motorhome owner is visiting, likes to park half on his front and half on mine whenever the motorhome is not here.  I actually managed to get on my own front one evening after work as the neighbour had gone out.  On his return he screamed backwards and stopped inches away from my car.  This picture is taken from my front step so I am well onto my own front.

I know we have no right to park on our own fronts, but a bit of give and take would be nice.  And being deliberately blocked from parking is not nice.

I have an approximate cost of having the Council drop the kerb, but I have no idea how much it is going to cost to have the garden paved but I want to save a few thousand before I start getting quotes.

Has anyone had their front garden paved or blockpaved recently?  How much did it cost?


  1. It must depend on your council because up here it is illegal to sleep in a caravan on a residential street....My friends neighbour had a similar problem and the campers were moved on...
    I would constantly leaving notes telling him to move....I would make a total pest of myself! Surely he would soon get the point. hehehe
    I have no idea about the cost....Sorry!

    1. There is a reason why I haven't confronted them directly, but do not want to go into that here. I do seem to have a problem with dropping bin lids and my car horn going off for absolutely no reason every time I drive past though. Other neighbours seem to have developed this problem too, the man opposite was cutting his hedge at 6.30 the other morning! Think motorhome man might get the message, eventually.