Monday, 21 July 2014

The night I ate Spanish

Regular readers of my blog may have come to the conclusion that I like Spain and all things Spanish (well, except for the bull fighting and the bull running, but that is for another post).

In fact, I am so in love with the country that I will be moving when I win the lottery or retire, whichever is sooner. Probably retiring.

This week Lidl had a Spanish week in store so I had a week of weird meals to make sure that there was space in the freezer for all that I wanted to buy.

This was how I ate Saturday night, there was even a torrential downpour with thunder and lightning to make me feel like I was really in Spain.

I had Patatas Bravas with home made sauce, these are little cubes of potatoes which have been par-boiled and then fried to a crisp golden colour.  I had to google how to make the sauce.

I also had Capriches Ibericos, which are little croquettes made with Iberian ham.  They are supposed to be fried but I don't own a frying pan so they went in the oven, they caught a little bit on one side but were otherwise fine.

Finally, there was Pollo con Pimentos en Salsa Meditteranea, chicken and peppers in a tomato and breadcrumb sauce.  There was a lot of chicken in this little bowl.

All of this was washed down with Sangria, or at least my version.  A snack pot of fruit, including the juice, was steeped in half a bottle of Rioja for 24 hours, just before serving some more fruit was added along with ice cubes, this was topped up with a bottle of Cava.


Breakfast the next day was Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo.

Next Sunday I will be trying the Churros along with some thick Hot Chocolate to dip them in.

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