Sunday, 27 July 2014

Why I no longer automatically go to Quidco.

I joined Quidco back in 2007 and thought it was great.  Getting money back for just doing what I do.

I received cashback for signing up to things, for free trials, you name it, you could probably get cashback for it.

Since signing up I have received over £1600, but how much of this is actually savings?

When I was booking my June holiday back in April, I decided to treat myself to a coach transfer to the hotel instead of getting the train.  I googled transfer companies and obtained quotes, all four companies were within pence of each other, so I opted for one that I had used before.

I popped onto Quidco to see if they were listed, and if so, how much cashback was offered.

They were listed, so I clicked on the link to make my booking.  After entering my dates and locations a price was given, but it was more than I had been quoted when I had gone directly through the company's website.

The difference in price was exactly the amount that I would have got back as cashback.  So whilst I wouldn't have lost out (ignoring the 3 month wait for the payout), I wasn't actually saving anything.

I closed the link and went back to the original quote and paid the cheaper price.

And it got me thinking, how many more times had that happened over the previous 7 years?

How many times have I thought I was getting a great deal but have simply ended up paying more than I would going direct just to get the difference back.

Recently, too, I seem to have had a lot more claims declined.  One of the latest was cashback from Proskins for leggings I had bought, the reason for the declination was that Proskins could find no record of the transaction which was funny as I just happened to be wearing the leggings at the time I received the message.

I wouldn't say don't use Quidco as there are still deals to be had, but make sure you do your homework, are you really getting as good a deal as you think?

I love Quidco

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