Thursday, 17 July 2014

So where are we supposed to walk our dogs?

Our local City Council are hoping to bring in a law which will stop dog owners walking their dogs in parks, cemeteries, car parks and on pavements next to roads.

So where are we supposed to walk our pets?

The pedestrianised city centre?  After all, there are no roads or parks here.  Just lots and lots of people who might make the dog feel frightened and threatened, leading him to snap at people if they get too close.

A tow path?  Good idea, and assuming that there is a usable towpath near you, just make sure that you haven't walked on a pavement to get there, or, heaven forbid, parked in a car park that the dog then has to walk across.  I suppose you could carry it.

Plus any usable towpath will be full of fishermen to negotiate round.

Of course, if the ruling comes in, it will only affect responsible dog owners, those who care about their dogs enough to train them, look after them properly and clean up after them.  The irresponsible dog owners will just carry on letting their dogs run riot allowing the nay sayers to shake their fingers and say' see this is what happens when dogs are let out of their house'.

There are enough poor animals now that are never taken for walks, is this going to be the fate for all our beloved pets?

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