Thursday, 31 July 2014

Poor Customer Service? Or just a way to rake in money.

This month my direct debit for my Virgin Media package was declined, I hold my hands up, it was my fault, I hadn't transferred the money to my bill account quickly enough (being a 0% interest current account, I like to keep the balance low).

Most companies would make a second attempt at taking payment, or for the 'first offence' adjust the next month's payment.

But no, Virgin Media immediately cancelled my direct debit.

As soon as I discovered that they had done this I paid the bill amount - £52.21 - online.  

I tried to set my direct debit up again but was advised that until the outstanding balance on my account was paid I could not do this.

Also my account is still showing in arrears of £119.10, despite paying the missed payment of £52.21.  I have been slapped with a £10 late payment fee, plus £5 per month charge for NOT paying by direct debit.  

They are expecting me to pay the outstanding bill, which I have already done, PLUS the next month's bill which is not even due until the 10th August, PLUS the late payment fee PLUS the £5 for not having a direct debit which I had until THEY cancelled it before I can pay by direct debit again.

I am not at all happy with the way I have been treated, yes it was my fault that the payment was missed, but the company could be a little more user friendly.

They are not the only media supplier out there.


  1. I was with them years ago and I had nothing but problems with them! Every month they charged me a different amount even though my services never changed....Seems they're still hopeless! lol x

  2. They must be so big that they can handle the complaints and loss of custom, lol. All I seem to be doing lately is complain x