Tuesday, 28 May 2013

ColourB4, I bought it and I reviewed it.

I have wanted to try this for a while, I have been dyeing my hair for so long I actually had no idea what colour it is although I was expecting it to be mostly grey.

I went for the stronger of the two packs which was for 'build up', after colouring my hair every few months for over 20 years I am guessing that this means me.

This is the box.

And this is what you get for your £11.99

There is also a pair of disposable gloves.

In much the same way as you prepare hair dye for application so you do this, bottle A is added to applicator bottle B, shaken for 30 seconds and then applied to hair.

I couldn't remove the applicator cover with my gloves on so had to remove one, take off the cap and then put the glove back on.  The fluid is really watery and it STINKS, rotten eggs do not come close.  I have a reasonably strong stomach, but I started gagging and doing that little cough you do when you really want to be sick within minutes of starting to apply and it had to stay on for an hour.  I ended up removing the applicator nozzle and pouring the mixture on to my hand to speed up the application process.

It suggests that if the hair has been dyed very dark to wrap the hair in cling film to assist the reaction, I was wearing a bag on my head to try and contain the smell.

After an hour the hair needs to be rinsed for 5-10 minutes, depending on the length of the hair, it recommends using a timer to ensure that the full ten minutes is taken.

After a thorough rinsing, the part C, the 'Buffer', is applied, lathered up and allowed to sit for 1 minute.  The hair is then rinsed for a further 5 minutes.

More of the Buffer is then applied, lathered up and rinsed.  At this point the hair can be towelled dry.  However my hair was feeling like straw, which it never has done before, and so I applied some conditioner that was left over from the last dye.

Whilst my hair was still wet it was quite a weird colour and not what I was really expecting, evidently some of the dyes I have been using have included a bleaching agent as I thought I was far darker.

Three hours later and the colour was looking better but I could still smell the colour remover.  But all in all, I would have to day that it does exactly what it says on the tin.

24 hours later I think my hair finally decided what colour it was going to be.  When it was still wet it looked a brassy orange colour, when I went to bed it was almost an dark ash blonde, the next morning, a slightly darker base with lighter highlights.  It still could do with a temporary colour wash to lift it a bit.

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