Saturday, 18 May 2013

You couldn't make it up!

Some women seem to attract abusive men, some seem to attract married men.  Me?  Turns out that I attract the criminal fraternity.

I am not going to name names here, but neither am I speaking out of turn, everything has been on the news, in the papers or on Crimewatch, yes you read that correctly, Crimewatch.

Out of the 5 dates that I have had in my entire life (we will ignore the ones that I thought were dates but have since been informed that they weren't, could have fooled me), 1 was later arrested in connection with a murder.  He was bailed and then later released due to lack of evidence.

When I was in Spain I discovered that someone that I used to spend time with when I was on holiday had made the Crimewatch Most Wanted list earlier this year, he has since returned to the UK and handed himself in.

But a note to the authorities, if you are looking for someone, check facebook, the likelihood is they will be on there posting their whereabouts.

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