Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Another bad night's sleep.

I feel like I am in a vicious circle.  I fall asleep by 8pm at the latest either on the settee or in bed.  

I wake up around 2am with a bursting bladder and feeling so hungry I feel sick.  I deal with one issue in the usual manner and the other by drinking a glass of water (I refuse to start eating in the middle of the night).  I don't know why this is happening, I never go to bed hungry and the bathroom is the last place I visit before I hit the sack.

I am awake for a couple of hours usually falling asleep just as my bladder starts shouting at me again.

When I eventually do get back to sleep I go deep, really deep.  At 5am my alarm goes off and I wake up fast feeling like I have had no sleep at all.  All I want to do is go back to sleep but I can't and I feel drained all day.  I am then so tired by the time I get home and have eaten that I am falling asleep again.  If I do force myself to stay awake later than my body tells me (and by later I mean till 9 or 10pm) it just means that I struggle to get to sleep, sometimes still being awake at midnight.  I will still wake up in the early hours with a full bladder and hungry sick feeling so all I have done is deprive myself of even more sleep.

Yesterday I almost fell asleep in class and I am enjoying Tax, Heaven help me at the weekend when I have two days of Audit & Assurance zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

I know the doctor said that the tiredness would be the hardest thing to correct, but it seems to be getting worse not better, I can't seem to see an end to it.

I am becoming more forgetful too, I can remember words to 80s songs that I have not heard for 30 years, ask me who borrowed £150 off me twenty-something years ago and never paid me back and I can tell you, ask me to recite all the lies someone has told me and you will beg me to stop.  But ask me why I have walked into the kitchen from the living room and I would not be able to tell you. I am finding it harder to remember to take my tablets and surely that should be getting easier as it becomes a routine.

There was dementia and Parkinsons in the family and I am worried that this is the start of it.  It probably isn't but worrying does not help the sleeplessness.

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