Tuesday, 30 April 2013

An Update on my Slimpod Purchase

A month or so ago I purchased a couple of Slimpods in a further attempt to lose weight, the original blog post can be found here I Am Dieting. Again.  I listened to it twice a day (when I went to bed and just before I got up the next morning) for 21 days as instructed.  And started to crave chocolate.

The first time I listened to the first mp3, all I could see was Easter Eggs, the voice of the narrator just made me think of how smooth and round they are, how the chocolate feels as it melts in the mouth.  I have always eaten chocolate but never in any great amounts, I have never actively sought it out, if it is front of me I will eat it, but I have never sat on the settee at night thinking 'I wish I had some chocolate', alcohol yes, but chocolate no.  Now I was buying chocolate every time I went to a shop.

I put a couple of pounds on but even worse, I had to go up a size in jeans back up to a 20 after working so hard to get down to an 18 (which were getting loose enough to consider a 16). Considering that the mp3 I was listening to was called 'Drop Two Jeans Sizes' something was obviously going wrong.

I think it was because my mind was wired up to be contrary, whether consciously or subconsciously.

I stopped listening to it a couple of weeks back and I have lost 6lbs.  Now as to whether that is because I have stopped listening to the mp3 or because I am now on anti-depressants I couldn't say.

The size 20 jeans that I had to buy are now feeling too big around the waist, leaving a big gap at the back between my waist and the band of the jeans.  Watch this space for further updates.

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