Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hello, good evening and welcome...

Bonjour, bonsoir et bienvenue...

Здравствуйте, добрый вечер и добро пожаловать ...

Merhaba, iyi akşamlar ve hoş geldiniz

Hallo, guten Abend und herzlich willkommen ...

I have international readers! When I started this blog I was not expecting many readers amongst my friends, let alone people from foreign lands, and yet as I start this entry I have had 399 views. Thank you all.

I started this blog to chart my studies for my (originally) CIMA and now ACCA qualification but as it has progressed it seems to have become less about studying and more about how I feel and getting my feelings out there and whilst it does not make for the most riveting read, it does help me.

And now for today's moan.

With just two weeks to go to my first weekend of fancy dress I am still waiting for items to arrive from eBay.  I am still not happy with my outfits but it is too late now (unless anyone has any bright, but simple to do, ideas).  Also I have found out today that in addition to sourcing two completely different fancy dress outfits, we are now expected to decorate the function room in red, white and blue on the Saturday night and pink and purple on the Sunday night!  Easiest thing to do is tablecloths but everything takes up space in the case which gets heavier and heavier with every train it gets lugged on and off, every escalator it gets dragged up and down and every set of stairs it gets scraped up and down.  And for some reason, every time I have to cross London by tube almost every station I use has several flights of stairs instead of escalators.  This is assuming that the relevant stations and lines aren't closed for maintenance.

Up one side, dragging the case.  Back down the other side, the case dragging me.

If rumours are true, the venue will be changed next year.  And if other rumours are true, where the event will be held next year whilst not being any closer, will at least mean that I will not have to travel via London.

Now for a coffee and a hot cross bun.

UPDATE - just as I was previewing this post I hit the 400!

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