Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

My week in words and pictures...

Monday was spent mostly on trains, both overground and underground, travelling back from Great Yarmouth via London.

These were my Virgin Trains First Class freebies, table service too.

The First Class treats on the first train run by Greater Anglia was much more stingy, a small bottle of water and a pack of two finger biscuits which I had to collect from the buffet car, or should that be buffet hatch?

Next year the event will be held in Prestatyn which is great for me as it will cut my travel time down to about 3 hours each way.

Tuesday was spent finishing my washing (it was a lovely day and it all dried out on the line) and also finishing and scanning my two assessments ready to be emailed and marked.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was back at work and those 3 days dragged.  

Thursday night I had another Crown Green Bowls match and I won my game, we lost overall but it's a start.

I found this during the week, this is a video of the FlashMob that I was supposed to take part in last weekend when I was away but for various reasons wasn't able to, it looked fun.  (Fast forward to about 2 minutes).

This weekend has been mostly spent in front of the telly, although I have done even more washing. I have also picked my first rhubarb of the year today too, I just need to decide whether to just poach it and eat it with custard or to do something a bit more exciting with it.

The facebook page that I created to run alongside this blog, you can see it here Diary of an ACCA Student  is not proving popular, I will give it little bit longer and then I may close it.

I have a busy week ahead, I am with my training provider Monday to Thursday, back into work for Friday and then with my training provider again Saturday and Sunday.  Luckily next Monday is a Bank Holiday so I won't have to be up at 5am for work.  I also need to find time to pack my case and get my euros for my week in Spain.

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