Friday, 26 April 2013

Why do short working weeks just feel so darned long?

I only had to do three days at work this week but the week has felt as long, if not longer, than usual.  The days have just dragged on and on and on and.....

The weather can't decide what it wants to do, hot, cold, wet, dry, sunny, dull and today we had hail.  We had some massive hailstones that hid all the surrounding buildings from view for a good five minutes.

Last night I had another bowls match, it was my third and I won!  I enjoyed last night a little bit (and not because I won) because I played someone who was at the same ability level as me, my two previous games have been against players who have been bowling for years.  The game went on for ages, at one point I did think that we were going to have to go back today to finish.

For anyone that does not know the rules of Crown Green Bowls (and I am guessing that means most people), you do not get told your score until one of you needs just 2 points to win, the winner is first to 21 points so it was a complete surprise to find that we were 19-19.  I went 1 down on the next end (check me out using the lingo) meaning that my opponent just needed 1 to win, but I went 2 up on the following end and won the game!

The captain won her game too, and so she should, she is a County player, but we lost the match 4-2 overall. Just as the last game finished it started raining so we were all soaked by the time we got home.

I arrived home from work tonight to find my Haven brochure, a little bit of advance reading for next year's Queen Convention.


  1. I always found that, the shorter the week the longer it felt! Go figure!

    1. And yet when I have had to do 6 day weeks they seem no longer, weird :)