Friday, 5 April 2013

Blood Test Results Today.

It has been such a long week, even though it was just 4 days.

Tuesday was a bit of a catch up day, I really didn't want to go back to work and have to face people after 4 days off, I just wanted to hide in my bed, but I got there and I got through it.

Tuesday and Wednesday my line manager phoned in sick, we guessed that they would as they had been laying the foundations of a day off on the Tuesday.  I got so much done, without constant interruptions I was able to perform reconciliations of some of the accounts that we had been having issues with.  Today they returned, and as they returned so my confidence vanished as everything I had done was questioned.  I knew that I would need help with the things that were left to do today had my line manager not returned, but as one of my colleagues said, there is giving help and there is being patronising.  We are having a reshuffle at work in the next couple of weeks so hopefully I will be moving sections back to my old line manager.

Last night (Thursday) I had my first Crown Green Bowls match.  I joined the team about 6 months ago as something to get me out of the house for a few hours so that I would have at least a little bit of contact with people outside of work hours but it was so cold, by the time I had finished scoring the first game I could hardly feel my hands.  It was an ok night, not something I could become overly absorbed in but as something to keep me out of the house for while it was fine.

This is our team shirt.

I think I may have pulled something in my thigh during one of the ends.  It hurt.

On the walk home from the bus I took this photo, I do apologise for the quality of the photo, but the camera on my phone is not great plus it was late and it was cold.

Why do people think it is ok to park on the pavement?  I was able to get past these two, but there has been occasion when I have had to walk in the road.  A police car went past and did not even seem to notice these illegally parked cars, but I am guessing that if I had stepped into the road as they were passing I would have been stopped for jay-walking or whatever we call it over here.

Today I had my GP appointment to get my blood test results.  I actually went in early, I don't think I have been called in on time before, let alone early.  The doctor was lovely, really tiny and looking too young to have left secondary school let alone medical school (a sure sign I am getting old). She listened to me and then went through my results and my options.  I have a vitamin B12 deficiency, which can be solved by eating leafy greens (yuck) or an over the counter supplement and a vitamin D deficiency for which I have been given tablets for 6 weeks and then will need to take over the counter supplements, or move somewhere sunny (I like this option), if only we could draw nutrients from the cold and the rain we would all be fit as fiddles.

I also have been confirmed as having depression, which I had guessed I had more years ago than I care to remember.  I have been given 2 weeks worth of anti-depressants and a number to ring, this is for IAPT or Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, I need to speak to an adviser to see which treatment they feel would be best for me, this could be Guided Self Help, Individual Support, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or a few other options.  The tablets do have side effects, but as long as the benefits outweigh the negatives they have got to be worth it.

I do actually feel so much better for speaking to someone so hopefully the only way is up now.

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