Saturday, 6 April 2013

Get in the papers, get free stuff.

Yesterday I became aware of an article, well several articles when I looked into it, about a couple who have switched off their central heating in protest at the price of gas.  And that's fine, but it is only going to be effective if everyone, or at least a vast majority of gas users turn their central heating off and this will never happen.  And really, do they need to go to every paper and television station to explain how they are keeping warm.

Most of us over a certain age will have grown up in cold houses as central heating was not available to the average person in the street.  We grew up with the 3 day weeks and constant power cuts, going to bed when the sun went down as you couldn't put the lights on.  In the winter, it was not unusual to wake up in a bedroom which had ice on the INSIDE of the windows (no double glazing), I know I am not the only one to do this.

Ice on a window, not an unusual sight even on the inside.

Even now, the house I currently live in, and have lived in for nearly 19 years, does not have central heating.  I have an electric fire in the living room and a plug in radiator for the bathroom.  I currently have a sheet, 4 blankets and a duvet on my bed and I have been known to sleep in dressing gown and hat as well as pyjamas and socks.  My hot water bottle is my best friend.  The thermometer in my bedroom shows that the room rarely gets above 60 degrees in the winter, usually nearer 52 or 53 degrees when I go up to bed.  I have had bath water freeze as it has gone down the plughole into the drain pipe leaving me to scoop the water out and into the toilet (the soil pipe being of a wider diameter does not freeze) to release the pressure on the down pipe, and occasionally I have to run the shower gel and shampoo bottles under the shower to loosen them up a little.  These are the things that I just accept as the norm, at least for now, and there must be others out there who have little or no heating for one reason or another

I am so used to sleeping in the cold that when I do stay in hotels I generally have to turn the heating off or at least down, if I can, or open a window all night as it feels too stuffy.

But to get back to my point, living without central heating is not hard, it just takes a bit of adjustment if you have grown accustomed to it.  Luckily, the couple who sparked this post are being sent warm things to help them.

So, turn your heating off, save yourself a bit of money, get your 15 minutes of fame and get free things.  Easy.

On a more cheerful note, it has been a lovely day today.  The daffodils in the garden have recovered from the hammering the recent poor weather has given them and are starting to stand up and open.  The washing has been out on the line and most of it has dried.  I have had the doors and windows open and aired the house, for a short while anyway.

I took my first anti-depressant today too and I do feel better but I think that is talking to the doctor yesterday rather than the tablet working already, I don't think they are that fast.

I have also researched vitamin D online and have discovered that cereals and soymilk are both good sources, so cereals and soymilk for supper it is as I refuse to eat salmon or tuna, bleurgh. Off to the shop I go.

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