Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Today has been something of a nothing day.

I have had so much to do today but I just have not been able to get motivated.

Other than doing more washing and planting my first vegetable plants of the year - 7 tiny cauliflowers - I have spent the rest of the day dozing in front of the fire.  Yes, it is the warmest day of the year so far and I have had the fire on.

A picture of my washing for you lucky, lucky people

I have felt so exhausted today and I think that is why I have been feeling so cold.  After 3 nights of sleeping well, even though the caravan was like an icebox and someone in the next caravan snored like a pneumatic drill, and waking up ache and pain free, last night (my first night back at home) I woke up just after midnight and was awake then until almost 4am.  At least I was able to catch up on Doctor Who, Law & Order SVU and the Grand Prix from the weekend and Broadchurch from last night (didn't see that coming, I thought it was Tom).  I ache all over.

I still have an assignment to complete this afternoon but I am doing a bit and falling asleep again.  I can't seem to focus enough on the questions, I have no concentration and my mind keeps wandering. 

I am craving cake.  I am craving frosting.  

I am craving company.

Even though the weekend away was not as good as it could have been, at least I had people around me, and I think that is what I am craving the most.

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