Friday, 12 April 2013

And so to the end of week one.

I have now been on my medications for one week and I am feeling good.

I am not about to start training for a marathon, I am not even ready to start doing the things I used to do without a second thought a few years ago but I am feeling better than I have for years.  My aches and pains are going or gone.  Events that would have had me sobbing in a big heap on the floor a week ago have been muted into annoyance and disappointment.

On the downside I am still really tired but that might be just my body starting to recover.  I have also broken out in some massive boils and spots, but again that could be my body cleansing itself and hopefully I won't have too many more as everything starts to settle down.

As I cannot drink alcohol whilst on my tablets I have treated myself to some alcohol free wine so I shall be sampling that shortly with my pie and mash.  So classy!

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