Friday, 19 April 2013

All packed, but am I ready to go?

Everything is in the suitcase, not sure I can dignify what I have done with the term 'packing' seeing as I just stuffed things in willy-nilly.

My ipod, ipad and kindle are all charged ready for the journey ahead of me and the train tickets are separated out and within easy reach in my bag.

I am now just waiting for the clock to tick round to leaving time.  I am going far later than I would normally do as I adjusted the times to better suit my travelling companion as they had to catch a train to meet me.  Now that they are no longer coming with me I am left kicking my heels as I would have preferred to have been a good halfway there by now, in fact last year I was already on site by this time having travelled the day before and stopped overnight with friends nearer the venue.

Still, am looking forward to a couple of days of company.  Attending one of these events sober is going to be an eye-opener, there is always the danger that I only enjoy myself due to the constant fug of alcohol clouding my brain, but we shall see.

Have a good weekend all!

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