Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

I have had a busy few days so that must mean that exams are nearly here and I should be revising but I am doing everything but!

Work has been pretty much same as usual, however we did have a visit to the morgue on Friday which was fascinating.

Thursday night I had a bowls match, and lost.  By the time I was playing I felt a bit niggly and twitchy but couldn't understand why.  It wasn't until I went to take my tablet on Friday that I realised I had not taken Thursday's.  I am going to have to be very careful when I do eventually come off them if missing just one can set me back.

Saturday morning I had to go into town for an appointment. I was early so had a wander around Boots (they were the only shop open at the time).  I've been looking at Soap & Glory products for a while now but just thought they were far too expensive to try but today they were on offer.

I bought shower wash, skin scrub and also a bottle of Dove Summer Glow to try and keep my Spanish tan going.

I also purchased a box of ColourB4 to remove all the old dye from my hair.  That will be subject of a separate post.

I have £20 in Costa Coffee gift cards so I decided to treat myself, unfortunately the store was having issues with gift cards but did not tell me this, or put any signs up to this effect, until after they had prepared my order so I had to pay by other methods, so I still have £20 of Costa Coffee gift cards.  But I have discovered my new favourite drink - Chai Latte.

I got home and started the housework and the laundry.

I then decided to dye my bag.  It was a light denim colour when I bought it and has faded and also picks up all the dirt, so I picked up a purple dye from Wilkinsons and I think it works.  I love the way the linings have stayed the same colour and now contrast with the rest of the bag.

Today I have planted some more vegetables (more beans, kale and marrow), done some more washing, baked an ice cream cake and stripped the dye from my hair.  Still have not opened a course book or done any revision.

The ice cream cake is fab, although I think I need to increase the quantities for next time as it ended up a bit thin.  It tastes a bit like a cakey scone.  I only had vanilla ice cream in the house so added some raisins but I will try it with other flavours too.

I am now just watching the telly.  I will do some revision tomorrow.  Honest.

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