Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

This week I have been mostly in Spain!

As you know, I had been let down by my travelling companion and was not looking forward to going by myself as I had such a lousy time the last time I holidayed by myself.

But I had a fantastic time!

Despite the weather being cold (to the point I was sleeping in a tshirt OVER my pyjamas and bought jeans and cardigans as my packing had mostly been shorts and tshirts), I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I did what I wanted, when I wanted like I used to do on holiday before I stopped going by myself.

No nudist beaches, no having to get back for a nap in the afternoon, no having to be quiet for a couple of hours in the morning when I woke up, leaving the pub when I wanted to, not going to the pub at all if I didn't want to.  

Thursday it rained all day so after a walk down to the cafe at the other end of the town to have a hot chocolate I came back to the room and did some studying.

This was the view from (our) my room.

I had two extra leg room seats to myself both ways, and with no-one booking the third seat in the row I was able to stretch right out for a sleep.  Bliss.

I spent a couple of days in Barcelona visting the Chocolate Museum and Parc Guell.  The first weekend I was there, there was a festival of giant puppets in Calella which fascinated me.  I wont post any more photos here, but here are links to Gigantes and Parc Guell boards on my Pinterest wall.

Thursday night we had a terrific thunderstorm which cleared the air, Friday was then blisteringly hot so I finally made it on to the beach.  As there was a breeze coming off the sea I forgot how hot it was when I became engrossed in my book (I was reading Neverwhere) and I left the beach about 3 hours later looking like a boiled lobster, even my legs which never change colour.  I am going a nice colour now, but it is a bit patchy.

I will be going back this year hopefully, I just need to work it around everyone else's annual leave at work, and my studying.

Despite feeling so positive all week, as soon as I walked through my front door I felt as though a plug had been pulled causing me to suddenly deflate.  When I was away I was happily wandering about, walking to the shops and the cafes, now I was home I couldn't even conjure up the enthusiasm for the 10 minute walk to Tesco so ended up with toast.  Again.

I have been trying to keep myself busy today, several loads of washing has been done, dried and mostly been put away.  I have checked on my vegetables which seem to have doubled in size whilst I have been away, although a couple seemed to have succumbed to the frost we apparently had.

Back to work tomorrow so hopefully routine will help me.

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