Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Do people still use fish knives?

This isn't just a post about fish knives, but about cutlery and table manners in general.  Although thinking about it, it has been a few years since I have seen a fish knife.

This is a generalisation I know, but based on my own experiences, a lot of youngsters do not seem to be able to use a knife and fork, and by youngster I mean mid-twenties and below.

I will admit that when I am at home eating by myself, which lets face it is 99.9% of the time, I will just use a fork if I can get away with it but when I am away from home or eating with others I will use both knife and fork.

Over Christmas and New Year I had several meals with other people, and it was then that I noticed the lack of table skills.

I'm not bothered about which hands you hold the knife and fork in, most right handed people will hold the knife in their right, dominant, hand, but then again some left-handed people hold the knife in the their right hand as that is how they have been taught.  But I do like to see people actually knowing how to use cutlery.

This year I have sat next to someone who ate their entire meal with a spoon, now this may be a cultural thing, but having grown up with friends of various cultures it is something I have never encountered before.

I have also sat next to someone who, although right handed, with knife in left hand and fork in right, proceeded to hold the food down with the knife and rip it apart with the fork.  They then disappeared from the table and reappeared with a pint carton of milk from which they swigged for the rest of the meal despite glasses being readily available.

Has anyone else noticed a decline in table skills?

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