Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Only Psychopaths Bungee Jump

Recently Channel4 had what they called 'Psychopath Night', it was a 90 minute programme in which they spoke to experts regarding the traits of a psychopath and counted down the top ten film psychopaths.  There was also an interview with a jailed criminal.

Psychopathy is characterised by amoral and antisocial behaviour, an inability to establish meaningful personal relationships, a callous disregard for others, extreme egocentricity, a lack of remorse or conscience, and a failure to learn from experience.  A lack of empathy and early life trauma, either at birth or shortly after are also cited.

The top ten movie psychopaths, according to the show, are;

1.     The Joker from The Dark Knight

2.      Dr Jed Hill from Malice (no, I've never heard of it either)
3.      Kevin from We Need To Talk About Kevin
4.      Alex from A Clockwork Orange
5.      Tom Ripley from The Talented Mr Ripley
6.      James Bond
7.      Gordon Gekko from Wall Street
8.      The Replicants from Bladerunner
9.      Hannibal Lector 
10.    Norman Bates, although the experts say he is less psychopath, more suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.

Professions were also reviewed and the top five for psychopaths are
1.     Finance
2.     Law
3.     Media Executive
4.     Sales
5.     Surgeon.

A group of volunteers were tested, there was a written test followed by a one-to-one interview and then the two highest and lowest scorers were given one final test.  They were all led blindfolded to an area outside.  Their blindfolds were removed to reveal a bungee jump.

This is apparently an ultimate test of psychopathy.

Both the high scorers went ahead with the jump, whilst the two lowest scorers did not.

I have done a bungee jump.  I work in finance.  I have a lack of empathy.  I went through early life trauma.  I struggle to make friends.

Does this make me a psychopath?


  1. *chuckling* If it looks like a dog, & barks like a dog......

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