Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Night Mash Up

This week can be summed up in one word.  


There are things going on at work which are making me feel like banging my head against the nearest wall.  I have got a week's annual leave left which I need to take before the end of March, I think I will be taking that sooner rather than later.

I have been searching online for a car and on Wednesday found one that I liked, could afford and wasn't too heavy on the insurance.  I left work a bit earlier than normal and an hour's bus ride and a 2 mile walk later I arrived at the car dealer.  It was by now, much too dark to have a proper look at the cars.

I couldn't find anyone to speak to so decided to call it a night and head home.  Another 2 mile walk and I was home.  The website of the dealer gave the option of booking a test drive so I did this for Saturday (yesterday) morning.

Friday afternoon, the dealer sold the car.

I was not impressed.

I can understand why they did it.  I was 'interested' in the car, I may not buy it, I may not even turn up as arranged, so they were not going to turn down someone who was there offering them money.

But I still wasn't happy.

So I have another month to find and buy a car as my rip off bus pass auto-renewed yesterday.  I have to pay £85 per month and allow 90 minutes+ each way every day to do what is essentially a 15 minute car journey, so that is why I want a car.

I have also indulged in a little online sale shopping this week and I am looking forward to it arriving.  If it does.  I ordered some items from Florence + Fred online not long after Christmas, I opted to have them delivered to the nearby Tesco so that I could collect them, unfortunately the courier company could not find Tesco and so they were returned to the depot.  This delivery is to a private address but if they can't find Tesco....

Today I collected my new glasses, they are fab, but I just wished they weren't so expensive.

I wonder what this week has in store for me.

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