Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tired Of Being Single? the ad said, yes I thought and bought the book.

And I read most of it open-mouthed in disbelief.

First of all, the subtitle is 'Become The Woman Every Man Wants'.  Why?  What is wrong with being me?

I am supposed to stop fearing being single.  I am 43 years old and have never had a relationship, I think I have passed being scared about being single.

And apparently I am embarrassed, ashamed and afraid of being single.  I am embarrassed by several things, but being single is not one of them.  I am (slightly) ashamed of being a Cliff Richard fan, but not of being single.  I am afraid of frogs, but not of being single.

I am supposed to date several men at once, the one that REALLY wants me will make the effort to let me know.  Seriously, if I could get ONE bloke who wasn't involved in a murder investigation or a Crimewatch Most Wanted List to go on a date with me would I have really have bought this book?

Why should I have to change myself to attract a man?  I have tried that in the past, and spent £000s doing it, all to no available. Why am I not good enough as I am?

Yes I am overweight, and yes I am not particularly attractive, but and it is a big but(t), I work full time, I hold a responsible job. 

I am currently studying to become a qualified accountant (whilst I am working full time), I can cook, I can clean, I can perform basic car maintenance, I don't tend to panic without good reason.  

I see myself as like Chummy (from Call The Midwife), ungainly, a bit shy but very capable, in fact, if I had been around in those days I probably would have been in demand.  

But, both fortunately and unfortunately, it is not the 40s/50s and as far as I can see, men are looking for something that I do not have and no amount of books will help that so I don't know where to go from now on.

All I know is that I do not want to spend another Christmas/New Year/Birthday as a single person.

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