Sunday, 5 January 2014

Weightloss Challenge - The Sequel (This Time It Is Personal).

So Christmas is over and not just the goose got fat!

After being reasonably successful in the run up to Christmas, I think I have probably put on all the weight that I had lost, and I think it brought friends.

I am hoping to lose weight a bit more consistently this time, I had a big loss the first week (6lbs) but then patchy in the following weeks.  My goal this time is to lose 5% of my body weight, at my start weight of 17st 7lb (aaarrrggghhhhh), this means that I am aiming for a loss of 12.5lbs but I am not putting a time limit on it.

It is my birthday tomorrow and that means taking cakes into work, but after that I will be good.  I am currently planning my lunches, so fingers crossed.

I have added a weightloss ticker at the top of my blog, so it will be the first thing everyone sees! Hopefully this will help.


  1. Thanks for linking up and happy birthday for tomorrow ! It's definitely better to take things slowy - it's more likely to stay off long term. Look forward to following your progress, through the highs and lows xx

  2. good luck on your journey, the first week of the year is always depressing xx

  3. Happy birthday :) Good luck with your weight loss.