Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Weightloss Challenge.

We had out first weigh in today at work. We left it until now as people were still absent last week (or still had chocolate to eat).

I had a few bad days last week because of various things that were going on, so ended up eating whatever I could stuff into my mouth.

I have also started taking the Formoline that I was lucky enough to win courtesy of the lovely Melanie at Me, Bookshelf & I so I think that they helped me get away with my stress/anger eating.

So back to the weigh in.

I had lost 4lbs!

The weight loss ticker on my blog home page is using the weight shown on my home scales, but for the purpose of this weight loss challenge, I will be using the weights as shown by the scales at work.

Start Weight : 17st 7lbs
Weight lost this week : 4lbs
Total weight loss : 4lbs
Target Loss : 12.5lbs
Still to lose : 8.5lbs
Current Weight : 17st 3lbs

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