Sunday, 9 June 2013

I want to win this fab nail polish

As you know I enter a lot of competitions and lately I seem to be on a bit of a roll with wins having had 3 so far this month.  Now compared to some people who win 7 or 8 times A DAY every day, this is not a lot, but I am happy, and now that exams are over until December I have the time to enter a few more competitions.

As you will also know, I am starting to be myself again after several years of trying to be someone else, and 'myself' used to love painting my nails.  (I am of the age to still call it 'nail varnish' though the current term seems to be 'nail polish').

I came across this competition via a post on Twitter and I think this looks fab.  I have never been the best at applying polish with my 'other' hand but I think this would be quite a forgiving polish as it would not need to be applied perfectly.

The competition is being run by Jennifer on her Art Style Love blog and can be entered here.

If I don't win, these are definitely going to go on my shopping list for pay day!

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