Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Obviously I am a little naive.

Recently it has been suggested that I have a few guest posts on my blog as it could extend my readership.  Being still so new to blogging I had not considered this and actually had no idea how to go about it.

I tweeted for some advice and had a few helpful replies.  However I also received some replies asking how much I would be paying for guest posts.  Silly me did not realise that someone would want paying to promote their ideas, blog, product, website etc to a new audience.

I don't make any income from my blog, I don't even get asked to review things, I just use it to get my views and feelings out as I have no-one really to talk to so the blog, and its readers - thank you :) - have become my substitute friends so I refuse to pay someone to post on it.

Maybe this is an opportunity for someone to create a linky, in the same way we have Silent Sunday linkys and Blog Hop linkys, maybe we could have a linky for those willing to host or provide a guest post for free?

For now then, you are only going to be able to read my own ramblings.


  1. You're not being naive don't worry you were correct at the start. There are plenty of people willing to guest post for free on sites. It's a great way to improve traffic for both your site and theirs- as long as the content they provide is good enough. Don't post it without reading it!

    1. Thanks Sarah, it's nice to know not everyone is in it for the money!