Friday, 28 June 2013

It has taken over 3 years, but finally some honesty.

So after more than three years of denials, the former object of my desire, my former best friend and the taker of my virginity, (sorry, TMI), has finally admitted that he is in a relationship with the woman he has officially been sharing a one bedroom flat with for the last 18 months (before that he was living there but still had his own flat so it was unofficial).

They have been together for over four years now but he has been denying it for the last three.

I admit that I did feel a little bit of a jolt when I saw the facebook update even though it was not a surprise.  But, within 5 or 10 minutes I was over it.  Further proof, I think, that I have got him out of my system.

We haven't spoken for nearly 3 months, not since he told me he would not be coming on holiday with me the following week (blaming work, but even then I knew better), but up until that point we had spoken 3 times a week, and frankly, him disappearing out of my life hasn't left that much of a hole. Yes, I did still wonder every morning whether he was going to phone me that day (I was not allowed to phone him for obvious reasons, but there was never any danger of him interrupting me with anyone), but he doesn't and one day I suddenly realised that I was not that bothered, now I don't even wonder if he is going to phone.

I am definitely getting better.

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