Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

This week I have been mostly feeling under the weather.

I felt fine when I left work Monday, by the time I got home some 90 minutes later my ears, nose and throat were feeling sore, my nose was both blocked and running and I had a pounding headache.  I didn't get much sleep as every time I laid down, my nose started running like a tap.

Tuesday was spent blowing my nose, Wednesday I started sneezing and I was starting to spend a lot of time in the loo.  Thursday was the same, less sneezing but more trips to the loo.  Friday, same again with sweating after eating.  I was not a happy bunny, there is D&V going around work so I was concerned that I had picked that up.

Yesterday (Saturday) I didn't get an awful lot done between blowing my nose, sneezing and running to the loo and today I have been having stomach cramps and feeling sick.  I have spent most of the day with a hot water bottle on my stomach.  I did not enjoy having to hang the washing out on the line, every time I bent down I wasn't sure I was going to get back up.

Thursday was Bowls night, playing was a bit of a risk with the way my stomach was playing up but I got through it and was actually feeling better for being out in the fresh air.

Today is Father's Day, so here is a groovy picture of my Dad (he is in the middle) along with my Uncle Pete and (late) Great Uncle Norman.  It was taken in Tenerife in 1972.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

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