Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

So this week has been Bank Holiday, college, college, work, work, weekend, weekend.

I didn't go anywhere or do anything Monday, having to rely on public transport on a Bank Holiday just means that everywhere takes twice as long to get to and from.  Plus everyone being out and about with friends and family just reminds me how lonely I am so I tend to just sit in front of the telly.

Mid afternoon I remembered that I had an assignment due in the next day!  So that was the rest of my day sorted.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was at college, they were both very long days in preparation for my exams this week (eeekkk!).  

Thursday and Friday I was at work, catching up on everything that I had missed whilst I was at college.

This weekend I knew that I needed to revise so I have tended the garden, started a delayed Spring Clean (discovering in the process how many clothes I have bought recently and also throwing out the contents of that drawer), baked some ice cream bread, backed up my laptop and iPad and updated my Kindle and iPod.  Not a single book has been opened.

It is now a week since I stripped all the artificial colour out of my hair, and not one person has noticed.  I think I have almost got rid of the rotten egg smell, no-one even mentioned that!

This week I have finally discovered how to schedule posts, up until now I have posted as I have thought of topics but I am now going to post on specific days.  Like a proper blogger.  I also need to start thinking about something special for when I hit 2000 views.

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