Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

This week at work we celebrated the 65th Birthday of the NHS, the actual anniversary date is the 5th July but Friday was our annual Health & Wellbeing Day so the celebration was brought forward a week so they could be run together.

I forgot to take my camera so this photo is courtesy of UNISON

I was hoping to be able to post more photos but this is the only one I can find so far. There were tea rooms set up and we were provided with a lunch equivalent to the rations of the day, so two sandwiches (two triangles cut from one slice of bread) and a cake.  We were also given an old penny which we were able to exchange for a penny's worth of sweets in a stripy white and pink bag.

If I can find more photos in the week, I may do a full post and review.

Last week's Silent Sunday post was a picture of a bright orange-yellow flower on my marrow plant, this week that flower has been replaced by a four inch marrow! Fingers crossed but I am already doing better with my first attempt at growing marrows than I did with my attempt at growing squash last year.  I also have more flowers growing so hopefully there will be further fruit.

Yesterday someone commented that it is strange how the world abandons you. Why is it always the people who are NEVER alone that come out with statements like this whenever they have to spend 5 minutes by themselves, I suppose it is because when you have nobody you can never be abandoned.

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